Company Policy

1. About US

APT Eateries is an online company that serves authentic Indian delicacies, International sauces & cuisines bringing joy to households with its new flavours and diverse portfolio of packaged foods, sauces and beverages in various regions of India and abroad. Also, we have focussed on the health and wellness sector as well with upcoming Detox Drinks. Our objective is to make homemakers, corporates & vendors as 'Heroes' and bring a smile to the consumers face with the help of culinary secrets that have been protected and handed down from generations.

DISCLAIMER-All information on this website is correct. This website is intended for use by ‘APT Eateries’ customers and prospective customers. An order placed for products on this website is bound by the company’s terms and conditions. Thus, before placing an order read the terms and conditions available on the website. We may record and monitor inbound or outbound calls as well as electronic traffic for training purposes.

2. Orders

A contract of sale made by us shall be deemed to incorporate the terms and conditions, which shall prevail over any other terms from the customer.

  1. Bulk orders taken from business units will not be taken into consideration for cancellation as most orders are dispatched on the same day, the order is placed.
  2. Orders placed by the customers will be taken into consideration only and will be accepted within 24 hours of placing the order.
  3. All details provided by us for sale goods or services offered on the website are correct.

Please note- The mentioned Terms and Conditions are not intended to overpower upon the Consumer’s Statutory or Contractual rights to reject any faulty-goods. 

3. Payment 

  1. The available prices of goods or services are inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  2. If required, we can notify the customers at any time before delivery, to increase the price of the goods or to reflect any change in the product’s specifications or thereof. As requested by the customer or as a result of any delay caused by the Customer’s instructions or failure to provide adequate information to the seller.
  3. We accept authorized Debit or Credit cards with the availability of enough funds or credit facilities to cover the cost of goods and services ordered from us.
  4. We have reserved the right to obtain validation of Debit or Credit card details prior to the sale of goods or services. 

4. Availability 

  1. The website is updated on a regular basis to provide information on the product’s availability.
  2. We strive to ensure that all the listed advertised items are constant but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances, we cannot assure about the product’s availability.
  3. In case of a selected item’s unavailability, we contact customers directly to inform about the expected delivery dates.
  4. In case of delayed delivery within a defined time-frame indicates unavailability of the product after the lapse of the indicated waiting period, we will contact the client via phone or an e-mail for an extension proposal or provide suggestions thereof.
  5. If the product shown on the website shows an inventory status of being out-of-stock. There is a chance, that it might be available in the warehouse. In such cases, we request customers or potential customers to contact us via phone or an e-mail for the required information. 

5. Product 

  1. We make an effort to supply the goods as advertised and try to supply the goods subject to minor variations in actual dimensions and specifications, as changes altered by the manufacturer.
  2. In cases, we are unable to supply the goods ordered by the customer, as we reserve the right to offer goods equal to or of superior quality at no extra cost. Even, if the customer does not wish to accept the alternative goods offered, he or she may cancel the order and claim refund. 

6. Replacement and Return 

We are committed to providing customers with high-quality goods or services but sometimes the products may turn out as defective or faulty. In such cases, we offer return facilities to the clients as follows: 

  1. In most cases, product replacement will be offered by us and to avail that, customers are required to preserve an invoice of APT Eateries Pvt. Ltd.
  2. We offer replacement of the product only in cases wherein fault is reported within 48 hours of the delivery.
  3. We offer facilities related to the collection of faulty products for replacement, but no specified time will be provided, and the customer required to be available at the collection address to handover the required faulty or defective product.
  4. In case, wherein the customer is unable to connect with our courier service team. He or she can directly send the product to our designated address to avail replacement or refund.
  5. We do not accept damaged parcels, during the transit for return of the product. It’s the responsibility of the customer to wrap the product properly to prevent damage. 

7. Errors and Omissions 

We ensure that prices and description in the catalogue and on the website is accurate, but some mistakes on e-commerce are certain to happen and are unavoidable. Also, in case of any omissions, we will be entitled to rescind the contract, despite being already accepted by the customer in terms of an order or payment received. 

8. Materials 

  1. All rights for the content on the website is copyright of APT Eateries Pvt. Ltd. which are owned, licensed and controlled for the purpose of the company. The content available is not limited to the website's design, layout, look, appearance or graphics. It is protected by Intellectual Property Laws and the Content on the website is not to be copied, reproduced, republished, downloaded, posted, broadcasted or transmitted in any way except for private or non-commercial use and apart from this would require written permission from us.
  2. The redistribution or republication of the content and making it available for the third-parties without prior written consent is strictly prohibited.